Your relationship with your sponsored child through the CRECE Program has been life-touching and encouraging to your Treasure. Your support has meant they have had the opportunity to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor.

Sadly, inflation and the cost of living in Guatemala post-pandemic have skyrocketed making it difficult for us to continue to provide the quality of services we have in the past, so we are raising our sponsorship cost as of July 1st.

 It is estimated that children in Guatemala are 2.5 years behind in their studies due to almost 3 years of remote learning. The consequences of this educational gap will be catastrophic in the future!  The number of children suffering from chronic and acute malnutrition has also grown; the growth delay it has caused cannot be reversed in many cases. Together, we are working to stop these effects and trying to reverse them but these needs coupled with the cost of living going up around 30% in the past 18 months have increased our budget gap to a point where we need to make changes. 

1...2...3 Upgrade!

We appreciate your monthly giving and we are doing our best to make this transition easy! If you give via PayPal, check or other, you are welcome to make your increase as soon as you read this. If you give monthly via credit card, no further action is required from you and we will make this change for you as of July 1st, 2023

   How does the cost of living affect your Treasure?

The price of the basic food basket increased by 17% compared to 2022 - Treasures need to earn $15.24 per day to cover their essentials. This is simply impossible for 65% of the population who currently live in poverty.

Registration costs for high school students enrolled in private schools have increased by 32% over the past 6 years.

The price of meat has increased by 38% since 2020. At this rate, most of the Treasures cannot afford to include any meat in their diet.

The cost to prepare lunches within our facilities for enrolled children has increased by 38% over the last 6 years. 

The cost of school supplies increased by 69%. More than ever, parents are struggling to send their children to school.

Monthly tuition fees for high school students has increased by 38%.

The price of electricity in the city increased by 3.5% and 7% in the rural area. This makes access to basic services even more scarce. 

The cost of school textbooks for high school students has increased by 24% over the past 6 years.

Our promise to you

Potter's House is committed to the holistic development and empowerment of the Treasures.
We promise to continue to follow the Lord ́s calling in providing:

Opportunities for the Treasures to start a personal relationship with God through evangelistic activities and discipleship opportunities.

Educational recovery through follow-up with public and private schools and enrichment courses such as English classes, emotional intelligence, professional development, etc.

Health & nutritional recovery through nutritional awareness for parents, warm nutritious daily meals, and supplements and follow-up of special cases based on need and availability of funds. 


New sponsorship cost

$43 monthly Elementary Students

Weekly enrichment classes

160 lunches a year

3 hours of monthly devotionals

Extracurricular activities

$85 monthly Secondary Students

Weekly enrichment classes and professional development

160 of lunches a year

Extra curricular activities

Annual school registration & yearly tuition payments

The quality and quantity of our services will not change for either age group. In addition to all of the above, children will have opportunities to participate in special activities and parents can access different types of support through our other holistic development programs.

Our answers to your questions

If you can't fit the new sponsorship rate into your budget...

We understand and we would like you to continue sponsoring
through PHA! please contact us at:
or call us at: 1-888- 742- 4828 so we can assist you.