Unlike organizations that simply address economic or physical poverty, Potter’s House seeks to deliver five holistic development programs through our community centers: Family Development, Education, Health and Nutrition, Micro-Enterprise and Community Development. We integrate the love of God in every single program with our overarching emphasis on Christian life. Through prayer walks, daily devotionals and bible studies customized to different age groups we encourage communities to walk alongside God.

We provide spiritual guidance for the families in the communities. Our focus is on reconnecting the family as a unit by helping them learn how to love and support each other. We teach them how to effectively communicate with each other, using kind and loving words rather than using hate words.

We holistically equip and shape the lives of the Treasures from elementary school through university. Not only do we teach them academic subjects but we also teach them Christian values and principles. We actively seek ways of improving the cognitive and emotional aspect of the children through different activities.

We provide medical attention for the Treasures, treating their illnesses and supporting them when a serious illness strikes. In addition, we educate them in the basics of disease prevention and personal hygiene. We also provide nutritious meals that help the children reach the national group average for their height and weight

We promote community participation and collaboration in searching for solutions to their problems; through the implementation of community projects—infrastructure, equipping, evangelize—we support the self-management of the communities. We train community leaders to develop their community.

We provide financial resources and guidance to small business owners; enabling them to grow, increase their income, and improve their lives and the lives of their family. They are taught the importance of saving money and, how to not fall victim to loan sharks or other organizations where interest rates are high.


“I am excited to be part of the Treasures Bible Club, when I see the faces of all the little angels when I give them a hug or speak to them about the Lord, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I know that the Lord has called me to be a light to those little children.” -Beberly

“God became my motivation to continue going on. My grandmother always told me that I could be someone in life and progress, when she died I decided to give the best of me and return with good grades, effort and responsibility. I’m grateful for everything that PHA and my sponsors do for me, they are angels that God sent.” -Denice

“My sister and I thought everything was getting better, but suddenly one day our mother left us. Anybody would have turned away from God, but through the Christian principles that Potter’s House has taught me, I continued to trust Him and bend my knees.” -Sandy