Our SERVE Program provides deep meaningful opportunities for servants (volunteers) to enrich the lives of the Treasures as well as their own. After the experience of serving the Treasures you will gain a very personal appreciation of the many types of poverty and a love for the people who are afflicted by them.

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We have been working with servants for over three decades and it has been an incredible blessing! We strive to make missions trips a life-changing experience for all participants: the churches that send servants and gifts, the servants who come to serve, the people working at Potter’s House, and of course the Treasures. We offer the following mission trips:


Intended for churches or organizations that want to expose individuals to the eye-opening experience of serving the poor. Participants will experience first-hand what God is doing in the communities.


This option gives your youth group an opportunity to participate in the adventure of serving the poor in a exciting and exotic place. It is a great way to help strengthen young adults' faith and character and change their perspective on life.


Through this experience you can strengthen the relationships with your family members as you serve together in a Christian organization. Every member of the family can use their talents and abilities to share God's love to the poor.


This is the chance for individuals to work side by side with the staff in daily activities. From short term volunteer opportunities to internships to long-term mission, individuals will have the opportunity to use their skills and experience to enhance our programs.


Send an email to and tell us what type of mission trip you will like to participate or if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Should I be concerned about housing, travel, and safety?

    Potter’s House has developed relationships with secure and trusted suppliers of both lodging and transportation. We have hosted many volunteers, so we are also accustomed to the special dietary needs of international visitors. We use only trusted sources for both food and beverages.

  • What will my expenses be like?

    The following expenses must be covered by the person applying: 1)Health insurance and required vaccinations 2)Passport and visa fees 3)Airfare & travel expenses 4)General monthly living expenses while on assignment (expect around $1500/mo) 5)Any other general living and entertainment expenses We encourage you to raise funds from your family, church, company, organization or friends, in order to cover expenses. Since Potter's House is a non-profit charitable organization, U.S. taxpayers can receive a tax-deductible receipt from Potter's House when they donate funds to support you.

  • Do I need to be a Christian to work for Potter’s House?

    Potter's House requires everyone to possess a mature orthodox Christian faith as defined by the Apostles’ Creed.

  • Is there a deadline for applying?

    Most volunteer, internships and mid-long term are available year-round however applicants looking to come for the summer season must send in their applications no later than three months before the desired start day.

  • How long are the individual mission trips at Potter’s House?

    It all depends on which one you want to apply to: Volunteers: 3-12 weeks Internships: usually 3-12 months Mid-long term: 1-3 years