Dear friend,

Thank you for your prayers and generous support for the victims of the volcano eruption.We appreciate that you trust Potter’s House to channel your support.

On June 4th one of Guatemala´s active volcanoes erupted and destroyed a large community called Los Lotes, killed hundreds of people and left thousands of others with nothing. Since the beginning of the emergency PHA has been involved in providing support for the communities that were affected. Based on our contingency plan and the partnership with two local churches we have been serving two communities in the Escuintla and Sacatepéquez states.

Unfortunately Guatemala continues to suffer and the poor and needy are being hit with one emergency after another.

The North Eastern part of the country (part of the Central American Dry Corridor) has received very little rain their most important crops (rice, beans, corn, coffee,etc) and fresh produce have been lost. Almost 200,000 families are affected and the financial loss is estimated to be almost $48 Million US Dollars. The government is considering declaring the region in State of Calamity.

Four states in the South Western part of the country have had heavy rains that are causing ponds, rivers and lakes to overflow and inundated individual homes and whole towns. Floods have in-communicated areas and washed out roads used to transport produce out of those communities and into the city to be sold. In some areas there is also risk of crops being destroyed due to an excess of water.

Help us help those in desperate need! Potter’s House has created an Emergency Fund that allows us to support the most needy very intentionally by avoiding assistentialism and developing long-term relationships. Our experience allows us to act quickly and to also provide guidance and support to those on the ground in order to have a greater impact.

Our goal is to raise $60,000 in order to develop and empower families and communities in need over the next couple of months.

We need your help! Will you consider giving a special one-time donation to help us to help others?

Our plan for supporting these emergencies includes:
Empowering local churches and community leaders to provide immediate assistance and help. In-kind donations of: staple foods construction materials medicines.

Thank you for your prayers for these victims, please continue to pray for Potter’s House as we serve and are the hands and feet of Jesus!

Cristo vive!