We challenge you to

for the Treasures.

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Use your talents and imagination
to help our Treasures!

  • Walk a Pet
  • Draw Portraits
  • Bake-Sale
  • Braid People's Hair
  • 20 Laps on a Pool
  • Potluck Party
  • Sing to Strangers
  • Write a Poem
  • Car Wash
  • Bike Wash
  • Hot Chocolate Sale
  • Guacamole Party
  • Garage Toy Sale
  • Go Kart Competition
  • Mario Kart Competition
  • Smash Bros Competition
  • Make-up Tutorials
  • Make Someone Laugh
  • Give Hugs
  • Backyard Bonfire
  • Singing Competition
  • Dance-off Competition
  • Tutoring
  • Barbecue Party
  • Karaoke Party
  • Limonade Stand
  • Read a Book to Elders
  • Plow the Snow
  • Build a Snowman
  • Sell Pumpkin Pie
  • Do a Play
  • Organize a Tea Party
  • Have a Brunch Party
  • Draw Cartoons
  • Babysit
  • Talent Show
  • Movie Night
  • Benefit Concert
  • Comedy Night
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Skate-a-thon
  • Worship Concert
  • Sell Cookies
  • Have a Book Fair
  • Art for Sale
  • Face painting
  • Organize a Sleepover
  • Doughnut Sale
  • Have a Fashion Show
  • Hula-Hoop Contest
  • Take and Sell Photos
  • Skating competition
  • Soccer competition
  • 5K run
  • Bible study
Spin for Ideas!


[x_text class=” p-responsive” style=”color: #333333;”]Madison’s passion is art. So she decided that she will be selling her artwork and will try to raise $100 to develop the Treasures! You go, Madison! [/x_text]
Total Raised
[x_text class=” p-responsive orange-text”]25% Reached[/x_text]Help Madison reach her goal![x_text class=”pts” style=”font-size: 14px;”]Please write down “Madison’s Artwork” in the Special Instructions part when donating. [/x_text]

Fundraising Project

[x_text class=” p-responsive” style=”color: #333333;”]Jason is currently serving in the military. He also accepted the challenge and will be doing a fundraiser with his military unit! Thanks, Jason![/x_text]
Total Raised
[x_text class=” p-responsive orange-text”]0% Reached[/x_text]Help Jason reach his goal[x_text class=”pts” style=”font-size: 14px;”]Please write down “Jason’s Military Unit” in the Special Instructions part when donating. [/x_text]
If you would like to participate and challenge yourself, contact us at: mandyherrera@pottershouse.org.gt

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