Bag of Groceries

Marta Caal who is 62 years old, hadn't received any kind of help, but the moment she received the call from Potter's House to let her know she was going to receive a Bag of Groceries, she felt like her prayers were finally answered!
She is very grateful to Potter's House for this blessing and more to God for taken care of her and her family.


Chiquimula Business School

Don Guillermo is a shoemaker. When he started the Chiquimula Business School, he told us that his wife was very ill and that had led him to incur many debts, so his business was limited in profits, so the closure of operations due to the pandemic worsened his situation. Thanks to what he learned at the Business School, he managed to maintain his business operations. With the two practical exercises that were carried out, he was able to capitalize on his business again.
Currently, he already has an established store, and several contracts for the mass delivery of his products, which has changed his life and that of his family.
He dreams of growing his business and thus generating employment for other people who, like him, can change his life and that of their families.

Guillermo Isaías Reyes Pérez


School for Parents

Through the School for Parents material that has been shared, Sister Silvia and Brother Manuel told us how these activities are uniting them even more as a family. Sister Silvia also tells us “the nutritional advice they gave us helped me a lot as a mother and also to have a special time with my daughters, even as a couple with my husband, thank you very much”.

Herrera Escobar Family


Loan for a Micro Entrepreneur

Doña Emelia Cardonas has a fried chicken stall, located on the streets of one of the settlements in zone 3 of Guatemala City. She is the only provider in the family although his salary is not enough to cover all the needs of his home. Ï feel very worried and stressed because I can not go out to sell, my daughter has been very sad because she wants to go to study, and my husband very worried because there is not much work to do. I Really feel helpless out because I know we need the resources, but I can't take my business out because of my daughter's safety and low sales". Vida  Nueva has supported her family by providing bags of groceries, she shares: "the have helped me a lot because with that we have food for several days - and it's one fewer thing to worry about.

Doña Emelia Cardonas


Agriculture and Livestock Project

“For me the agriculture project has been a blessing in every way. First I have learned a lot about how to cultivate my garden at home, I thought I already knew things, but here I came to learn new things, they have blessed my life with work, food and something that I recently discovered is that I can sell my harvest. This Sunday a neighbor saw that I already had coriander and asked me if I was selling to her so I already made a small sale of my harvest. Thanks a lot!"

Consuelo Torres and her daughter