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  1. I loved reading this wonderful update on PHA staff working HARD as always to empower and assist the Treasures.
    I really missed being part of the “HAPPY/TIRED,” construction process. Being involved in building a home for a family, alongside PHA and the Treasures,themselves is one that enriches my soul each time I experience it!

    Gerardo’s sweet smile melts my heart. I was I was in Guatemala City so I could see if my kidney could be a potential match.
    With all the support Gerardo and his family are receiving from the incredible staff and organization of Potter’s House, he has SUCH
    a great future.
    Love and Prayers to him and his family for a long and healthy life,

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      Hi Pam,

      Thank you so much for your comment and what a sweetheart you are for wanting to help Gerardo. Many blessings to you to!

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